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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs from Speakers

Are you currently recruiting for speakers?

Yes, but only in certain areas. As we have so many wonderful speakers that are currently active in our Speakers Bureau community, we are currently taking expressions of interest in the following areas only:

  • Perth region (and surrounds)
  • Adelaide region (and surrounds)

Available locations may change throughout the year, so please check back here or follow us on Facebook to be notified when other locations are added.

I want to be a speaker but what if my breast cancer story is not dramatic enough?

A lot of people feel like you, so keep in mind that experiences of dealing with breast cancer are all different and all significant. You will be trained in storytelling by our team and when told well, your personal message will be powerful!

Can you tell me more about the training you provide for new speakers?

It is our aim to develop your presentation skills and have you feeling comfortable and confident in your role.

  • We will take you through an NBCF orientation session so you can become familiar with our work.
  • You will be trained in presentation, storytelling and speech structuring skills.
  • You will talk briefly on camera about your journey and motivation to be a speaker and then work with a professional coach on any feedback of your speech.
  • Throughout your role as a speaker, we are always available to answer your questions, provide support, and information.

How often will I give presentations if I become a speaker for NBCF?

This really depends on the volume of events that are hosted by the community and our corporate partners. Though we cannot guarantee a set number of engagements per year, we will endeavour to contact you for suitable events.  NBCF’s peak times for fundraising events are in May and October, and requests for speakers tend to be clustered around those months.

I don’t have breast cancer, but my mum does. Can I still become a speaker?

Yes! While the majority of our speakers are breast cancer survivors, we have several terrific speakers who talk about a special person in their life as a way of honouring them. Hearing about your experience can be comforting for anyone in similar circumstances, knowing they are not alone in the emotions and stresses.

What kind of fundraising events are speakers invited to address?

The possibilities are countless: corporate seminar, black-tie dinner, school assembly, Pink Ribbon Breakfast, lunch or dinner, sporting events, fashion parades, movie premieres, are just a few. Whatever the description, we always communicate with speakers to match them up with suitable fundraising events.

Can I take my partner or a friend to the fundraising event?

You will usually have a plus-one on your invitation to attend an event. But if not, we are more than willing to help arrange with organisers for your partner or friend to come along as your guest.

Are you looking for speakers from culturally diverse backgrounds?

Yes, we are always looking for speakers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to reach people in communities.