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Research Achievements

Each year research provides incremental increases in our knowledge of how breast cancer grows and spreads. Together this adds up to significant advances in diagnosis, treatment and ultimately prevention of breast cancer. We are proud of these achievements and want to share them with all those who have been touched by the devastating effects of breast cancer, to show that where there is research there is hope for a healthier future.

In 2016, NBCF-funded research deepened our understanding of the biology of breast cancer development, investigated better screening techniques and ways to treat patients.

Professor John Hopper discovered that the best predictor of a woman developing breast cancer in the future is how much of her mammogram is covered by bright areas — even more than all the known genetic factors discovered over the past 20 years.

In WA, Professor Brendan Kennedy is devising the world’s first 3D printed finger-mounted optical imaging probe – a ‘smart surgical glove’ – to help surgeons remove all cancer cells and reducing the need for multiple breast cancer surgeries.

The team at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute have discovered that an existing medication could have promise in preventing breast cancer in women carrying a faulty BRCA1 gene.

You can read more about research successes in our News Section and in the publications below.


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Research Milestones

Key breast cancer research milestones that the National Breast Cancer Foundation has achieved.

Community Conversations

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HERG Evaluation Report

The Health Economics Research Group (HERG) Evaluation Report is the first in the world of the impact of such investment in breast cancer research.