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Friends and family support

Breast cancer affects not only women and men with the tumour, but also friends and family who are bought along on the diagnosis, treatment and survivorship journey. Being a carer or partner of someone with breast cancer can at times be difficult. In order to cope yourself and be supportive it’s important to be informed. Breast cancer also doesn’t only afflict ordinarily healthy women and men, and combined with pre-existing diseases and conditions, managing diagnosis and treatment can be challenging.

Support information for carers

It’s a big job supporting a loved one with breast cancer. These references are designed to support the supporters.

Living with breast cancer and other conditions

Although having a disability does not mean a woman is at higher risk for breast cancer, they face challenges with diagnosis and treatment.

Understanding research articles

With daily headlines about breast cancer ‘breakthroughs’, it can be hard to know what to believe. This article helps sort through the maze of information.

Who’s who in breast cancer in Australia

There are many organisations in Australia working towards better outcomes for women and men with breast cancer.