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Register4 is an online platform and ground-breaking initiative of the National Breast Cancer Foundation launched in 2010 that allows everyone to help fast-track cancer research for a better tomorrow.

Initially focused on breast cancer research, Register4 expanded in 2014 to include all cancers, making a real difference to everyone affected by the disease.

The national database contains a list of people who are willing to participate in cancer research, helping cancer researchers spend less time and money recruiting volunteers and instead, spend time conducting their research.

Register4 is strictly confidential, and free to join for anyone aged 18 years and over. Participants do not need to have had breast cancer but you will be asked to provide some basic information upon registration.

Register4 is open to everyone, and by donating your time to participate in research, you’ll help fast-track a better tomorrow for cancer.

Members will receive email notifications for cancer research project which they can choose to participate in – from filling out a questionnaire to something more involved such as providing a hair sample.

Register4 helps them spend less time and money finding participants, so they can focus their resources on conducting research. Recruitment can sometimes take two years, but with Register4, that can be fast-tracked to just two days.

Find out how Register4 can help you find the people you need for your research at www.register4.org.au.

Call Register4 on: 1800 882 844 or email research@register4.org.au for more information.

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