Kylie Smith Volunteer Coordinator

What’s the best thing about your role? What makes you jump out of bed and get to work?

Speaking to our valued volunteers and supporters all day is amazing! I love hearing about how they want to help, especially when they share the reason why.

Why did you choose to join NBCF?

I was lucky that it was the first job I had applied for after I decided I needed a change. As soon as I was told which organisation the job was for, I knew I had to apply. I knew it was such a well respected ‘brand’ and more importantly, it is an organisation that is making a difference, and I desperately wanted to be part of that!

How would you describe NBCF?

An organisation that is passionate about finding a cure for breast cancer through high quality research.

What are some great things about working at NBCF?

Going to events such as the Mother’s Day Classic is so inspiring. I love seeing supporters and people who want to make a difference get together for the cause. It is so humbling and rewarding.

What do you do and how does it help NBCF?

I am the Volunteer Coordinator. I work with our valued volunteers, recruiting for events nationally and in office support. NBCF have major events throughout the year, eg Mother’s Day Classic and Global Illumination, and also community fundraising events where they require volunteers to help in promoting and fundraising. In office volunteers assist business units with the skills that they have to offer. Volunteers are a big part of NBCF, and we would be lost without them!

If you had some words of advice you’d provide to someone thinking of joining NBCF, what would they be?

The inspiring people you will deal with everyday from our supporters, volunteers, researchers and wonderful staff, you will not look back!

What experience do you have that makes you great for the role?

I worked in a 5 star hotel for six years after I left school, which taught me a lot about customer service, and dealing with various types of personalities! I have been the Receptionist at NBCF for nearly two years before moving into this role, so I have a thorough understanding of what NBCF does, and how they do it. I also have a connection to the cause, so I have an understanding of the disease in that regard.

What’s the most frustrating aspect of your role?

I’m lucky that I don’t have too many frustrating aspects in my role, however I would like more hours in the day!

If you had a magic wand, what would you change about NBCF?

That our offices were based on a tropical island somewhere exotic, at no extra cost or inconvenience to all involved!

How does working for NBCF differ to other companies you have worked for?

For the other companies I have worked for, making money was always the number one priority. Whilst this is the same for NBCF, the aim of raising money is to fund research to find a cure of breast cancer. Which in my opinion, is a lot more motivating!

If you could provide five separate words to describe NBCF, what would they be?

Hardworking, fun, hectic, rewarding, and fulfilling!