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Samantha Oakes, Director of Research Investment

Associate Professor (UNSW Sydney) Samantha Oakes was awarded her PhD in 2007, funded by NHMRC and NBCF fellowships and received the ‘Garvan Institute Best Thesis Prize’ for her work understanding the role of the pituitary hormone prolactin in triple negative breast cancer. In 2008, Samantha was awarded an NBCF Early Career Fellowship to further her studies at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. Her work focussed on understanding how specialised signals in breast cancer cells prevent them from dying. She later showed that by turning these signals off, triple negative breast cancers could be sensitised to routine chemotherapy. In 2012, Samantha returned to the Garvan Institute and together with her team, discovered a new dual therapeutic and anti-metastatic strategy for triple negative breast cancer. Recently, Samantha established and led the Long Term Follow Up Unit of the Molecular Screening and Therapeutics Program, the largest cancer genomic medicine program in Australia, based at the Garvan Institute. Samantha is a passionate advocate of breast cancer research in Australia.