Meet Natalie

“My baby girl was 6 months old when I was told I had breast cancer. I heard these words again, just four years later. This time I was 30 weeks pregnant and I was so fearful for my unborn baby. There were terrifying moments. I don’t think it gets any tougher, to be honest.

The cancer looked like hundreds and thousands that kids put on ice creams. They were just little dots, so small they could have been undetected for years. For them to detect it at that early stage is amazing – I think it shaped the rest of what happened.

After I was diagnosed the second time, I made recordings for my girls. But then I put them away. I didn’t want them to have a recording of me, I wanted them to have me. I wouldn’t contemplate a future for them without me in it.”

Natalie had HER2 positive breast cancer, which, until 2006, was considered one of the most aggressive and deadly types of breast cancer.
Thanks to incredible research efforts, this has changed. Researchers identified the protein that fuels the cancer’s growth – and they developed a targeted therapy called Herceptin to stop it.

Natalie was one of the lucky ones. But more breakthroughs like this are desperately needed for the thousands of women who are still dying each year.




“For me, research means hope. Hope for me, that I won’t have to worry about recurrence, but also hope for my children that they won’t ever have to experience the fear and uncertainty that I have had to.

I hope breast cancer will be a condition you can live with – just like any other medical condition. It will be treatable.”

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