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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to fundraise for the National Breast Cancer Foundation?

Please click here to Register your fundraising activity.

You will receive an email once your application form has been successfully submitted. Allow 48 hours for a confirmation receipt to be issued. Approval can take between 5-7 working days.

How can I support the National Breast Cancer Foundation?

A fundraising event can be big, small, simple or glamorous. It can be for 10 friends or 100 colleagues. Host it at home, work, school – anywhere. The choice is yours. Fundraising includes everything from morning teas to shaving your head. Every dollar makes a difference.

Need some inspiration? Check out these Fundraising Ideas.

When can I support the National Breast Cancer Foundation?

Whenever suits you. Events are typically held in October, which is international breast cancer awareness month, however we encourage you to fundraise throughout the year.

Can I book one of your ambassadors at my event, and how do I do that?

While we are grateful for your support, it is not possible for NBCF to secure celebrities for your event. We may be able to offer one of our speakers, however.

Will NBCF help me promote my event?

If you use social media, the best way to publicise your event is through the NBCF Facebook Page and Twitter account.

You can upload and share your event photos directly onto our Facebook Page.

Can we approach any of NBCF’s Corporate Partners for additional support?

As these companies are already very generous supporters of the Foundation and are approached frequently throughout the year, we ask that you do not approach these companies for financial sponsorship or in relation to prize donations. These companies are listed on the NBCF website.

Can I hold a lottery/auction/contest at the event I'm holding?

Yes, you can. Lotteries and games of chance may be used to raise money for NBCF.

If you need more information on regulations for your state, download the contact information for each state here.

According to the Best Practice Guidelines of the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing NSW event costs should also not exceed 40% of total income.

Does NBCF provide public liability insurance?

NBCF is unable to provide public liability insurance cover to community fundraising events and/or coordinators. It is the responsibility of the event coordinator to arrange this in conjunction with the venue.

How do I pay my money into the National Breast Cancer Foundation?

You can bank your funds via:

  • CHEQUE – All cheques should be made payable to the ‘National Breast Cancer Foundation’. Please write your supporter ID on the back of the cheque so we can acknowledge your support.
  • For POSTBillpay and BPAY Code please call our Supporter Services team on 1300 708 763

If you received a return form, you will have received your own POSTbillpay and BPAY number so you can make a payment directly from your account to the National Breast Cancer Foundation account.

Please do not send cash directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

If you have any further questions about banking your funds, please contact the friendly team by email at community.fundraising@nbcf.org.au or call 1300 708 763.

Where do I find my return form?

Your return form was emailed to you with your ‘Authority to Fundraise’ after you registered to host your event. If you cannot find your return form, please contact the Community Fundraising team on 1300 708 763.

Can people who donate get a tax deductable receipt?

You can only provide a tax deductible receipt to someone who makes a cash donation. You cannot provide a tax deductible receipt for donations made to a raffle, auction or to someone who provides goods, a service or general cash for sponsorship.

If someone provides a large cash sponsorship donation, you can provide them with a letter to acknowledge their contribution. You can also inform NBCF with their details at the end of your event and we can provide them with a thank you letter for their sponsorship donation once the money has been received by NBCF.

Online donations will be automatically receipted to the email address provided when the donation is made.

What if I have other questions not outlined here?

Please contact the friendly Community Fundraising team by email at community.fundraising@nbcf.org.au or call 1300 708 763 if you have any further questions.