Breanna, VIC – I rock a flat chest like it’s nobody’s business

May 25th, 2014

I’m proud to show anyone who asks about my battle scars. I’m 27 and have suffered breast cancer twice.

I have stumbled through chemo and radio. I am currently going through menopause, cannot have any more children, suffer from hot flushes from hell and can be quite moody, thanks very much to the medication that is giving me the chance to live a life without another breast cancer re-occurrence.

I have a fantastic partner who is my rock, and three beautiful boys who are my entire world. My boys, big and little, all love me regardless of what I look like. I have a fabulous family (they’ve come from the top end TWICE to be here with us!) and a group of friends who are just ‘there’ for whatever me and my own family need or want.

I rock a flat chest like it’s nobody’s business. I’m proud of my scars. I smashed breast cancer twice.

My boobs kept trying to kill me, so I wanted them gone. It was my choice to do so and one that I had been trying to convince my doctors to do since my first diagnosis in 2010. I don’t miss them; I don’t need them to feel ‘womanly’.

Hubby supported my decision the whole way through. He’d rather keep me here with no boobies than not have me at all. I don’t have to deal with saggy boobs and I certainly do not miss bras.

Life without boobs is easy. I wake up, shower and dress every day just like everybody else. But I have two battle scars to remind me how important life is, and how strong I am every single day.