Christine, NSW – Finally a Comfortable Bra After a Full Mastectomy

April 28th, 2014

My family is plagued by breast cancer, even though we do not carry the genes.

I had a full mastectomy and axillary dissection in mid-2011 followed by chemo, radiation and now ten years of hormone treatment, and I’ve constantly battled bra comfort.

I received a Best and Less catalogue in the mail last week and saw the crop tops on sale, and even though they did not go up to my size I thought I would try one on. Afterdragging my adult son into the store and selecting one off the rack I tried it on. It fit my 24D cup size so I slipped in my homemade prosthesis. So soft, no clips to fiddle with, no tugging, no itchy lace to annoy damaged skin, very comfortable, and I even jumped around a little to check out the support level.

I left the store with six of them (for the cost of less than one mastectomy bra). Two days wearing now and I have rarely had to reposition the crop top, done very little wiggling with it not slipping into my scar line, and the fake boob sits well without having to be pinned in. Later today will be the final test, going to the gym.

I recommend that every woman should try these crop tops, spread the word to all, including breast care nurses. They are terrific. Almost every woman could benefit, not justthose that have had surgery to the chest and/or back like me.