Cindy, WA – I could not understand how and why

November 28th, 2014

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in February 2013. I was 43 years old with no family history.

I was in shock when I was told by my doctor. I could not understand how and why; after all, I do live a pretty healthy lifestyle.

With two children 15 and eight years old and no family living in Perth, my husband had to care for me and our children.

I had a mastectomy and 27 of my lymph nodes were removed (out of which 26 were all affected by cancer). I had 16 rounds of chemo followed by 25 daily radiation treatments.

It has been a year since I finished my treatment and I am currently on hormone therapy for the next ten years.

My oncologist said I had very high risk cancer and there’s a high chance that the cancer will return.

I have recently joined National Breast Cancer Foundation and I hope with my little monthly financial support, we can work towards finding a cure for breast cancer.