Ellen A moving story

August 6th, 2012

Usually when a member of the public tells our fundraisers that ‘they’ll be right back’ it doesn’t tend to come true. In the case of Ellen, one of our street fundraisers, this was not the case.

“I spoke to a man who told me he had to run to the office but he’d be back to sign up to give a regular donation to NBCF. About an hour later, he did come back and told me he wanted to sign up to give a generous $100 dollars a month. His wife had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. The struggle this man was going through was so inspiring, and I felt so lucky to be able to provide him with a way to help his wife and people like her, at a time when he would have felt there wasn’t much he could do to help.”

Ellen is fundraising for NBCF during her gap year after completing the HSC last year, before she has a planned trip to South America, but for the meantime is enjoying her work for NBCF.

“I love being able to work outdoors and I meet so many interesting and inspiring people from Sydney and even from around the world. When I meet someone who’s been affected by breast cancer it’s an amazing feeling to know I can make a difference. It ‘s such a rewarding feeling when people stop and thank you for the work you’re doing or tell you how much they appreciate it.

As with so many people, Ellen has been personally affected by breast cancer. One of her best friends was diagnosed with the disease at the young age of 17 just last year.

“She’s undergone two surgeries already, including a full mastectomy, and has just received news from her doctors that the cancer they removed is more aggressive than any they had ever treated. Knowing this reminds me every day just how much research into breast cancer is still needed, for people like my friend it may make the difference between life and death should her cancer return.

It is in my power to help my friend and people like her, knowing I could be helping fund the research that might save them inspires me to give my all when working for NBCF out on the streets.”