Five friends and the Great Wall of China

July 12th, 2017

“We all have two lives. The second one begins when we realise we only have one.’’

This Confucius quote rung true for Di, Sue, Sandra, Liz and Kim, who after being touched by breast cancer decided to embark on the adventure of a lifetime as part of our Steps Towards a Cure: Great Wall Trek in May 2016.

The journey started with four friends. Sue and Di had both been diagnosed themselves, and had both been through treatment. Sandra’s father was one of the first males to be diagnosed, and she and her husband had built and currently manage a day hospital for cancer patients on the Sunshine Coast. Liz had seen her friends bravely confront these situations and supported them through it.  Together, they decided to take on the Great Wall to raise money for breast cancer research.

Shortly after signing up, the group met fellow trekker Kim through NBCF’s Facebook Group. Kim had previously had a breast cancer scare which made her concerned for her daughter and future generations.  Discovering that Kim also lived in the same area, the group were able to meet up for training sessions and they built a strong bond in the lead up to their adventure.

By the end of their journey to the Great Wall they were life-long friends, and had raised over $43,000 for life-changing breast cancer research.

Five friends and the Great Wall of China
Di, Sue, Sandra, Liz and Kim trekking the Great Wall

“I know that life goes on after the diagnosis of cancer, you just have to push a bit harder sometimes.” says Sue. “We pushed ourselves so hard, conquered our fears, continued on when we thought we could not because there was always someone to lean on. We have shared so much and I now have four lifelong friends to share these memories with together for all time.”

Not only did these five friends tick the Great Wall off of their bucket list, but they also shared a life changing experience together.

If you want to travel with incredible people and help the National Breast Cancer Foundation toward our goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030, join us on Steps Towards Research: The Great Wall Trek 2018.