Gold Charity Runner Vanessa Exceeds Expectations at City2Surf

July 17th, 2014


Before deciding to run the Sun-Herald City2Surf for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Vanessa had never run more than a few kilometres.

At first, Vanessa couldn’t run more than a few minutes before wheezing and getting a terrible stitch. Once her structured training regime became easier, she could run ten minutes, then 20 and now she can run 14 kilometres in exactly 90 minutes and 40 seconds!

Vanessa found she got pretty fit, pretty fast too! She lost a bit of weight, toned up, and generally felt a lot healthier.

As a first-timer, Vanessa decided to become a Gold Charity Entrant and run for NBCF at the world’s largest fun run. The Gold Charity program is perfect for those who want to make fundraising the focus of their event experience. Gold Charity runners get to start at the front of the pack, receive expert fundraising support from NBCF and a listing on the Global Wall of Fame.

Once Vanessa had set her mind to it the generous donations started pouring in too.

“My fundraising strategy was simple; I badgered everyone I knew with post-jog photos and appeals for money, created an office swear jar and turned my 30th birthday into a fundraiser,” says Vanessa.
Her $1,000 target soon became $1,500 and in the end managed to raise over $2,600, which is more than she could have dreamed of.

One of the greatest benefits from Vanessa’s experience was realising how many wonderful people she has in her life. She had co-workers, clients, friends and relatives all chipping in to help her reach her fundraising target.

“I had a great support network from other runners and from NBCF staff in the lead up to the event too,” Vanessa recalls.

“You often hear that breast cancer affects one in eight women. When you run the City2Surf for NBCF, the statistic hits home when you run with breast cancer survivors, their daughters, sons, grandkids, husbands, partners and friends. Because you’re running for a great cause, the crowd is really supportive when they see you decked out in your pink ribbon singlet,” says Vanessa.

She saw first-hand how breast cancer can affect everyone – but by running the City2Surf for NBCF, Vanessa has made a difference. You can too, by entering yourself in the race and setting up an online fundraising page for the National Breast Cancer Foundation here.