Health Economics Research Group (HERG) Report

April 9th, 2013

NBCF is delighted to release the findings of an independent report evaluating the impact of our investment in breast cancer research since 1995.

The evaluation is the first in the world of the impact of such investment in breast cancer research which confirms that the money raised and invested by NBCF has been well spent. The report found that NBCF-funded research has had significant impact in key areas such as policy and decision making, development of new drugs and diagnostics, changes in clinical practice and gains in health and quality of life for women with breast cancer – with further impacts expected in future years.

The research evaluation was carried out by the Health Economics Research Group (HERG) in the UK who is considered to be the world leader in evaluating the impact of health and medical research, and has developed a unique methodology to do so.

As NBCF is 100% community funded charity, accountability is essential. The decision to commission the report was made to offer objective evidence of what our funding has achieved and to use this to inform future funding strategies.

Carole_Renouf_Sarah_Murdoch_HERG_Launch_320_226-(1).jpg“We want to be able to demonstrate to both existing and potential supporters that any funds they donate are well spent and are having the greatest possible impact on both the battle against the disease and the quality of life for women with the disease,” Ms Renouf said.

In addition to unveiling the HERG report findings, NBCF also launched its new campaign, Act Pink for Research, to encourage you to take action to meet the Foundation’s vision of eradicating deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

While five-year survival rates for breast cancer have increased dramatically since the Foundation’s inception, from 70 per cent of all those diagnosed in 1994 to nearly 90 per cent today, breast cancer is still the most common cause of cancer in Australian women with 1 in 8 being diagnosed in their life time.
“Research and earlier detection have been the major factors behind improvement in survival, driven by funding from the National Breast Cancer Foundation and a number of others,” Ms Renouf said.

“That increase also gives us confidence that our 2030 ambition to eradicate deaths from breast cancer – with the support of our researchers, corporate partners and individuals in the community – is achievable.”

Patron of NBCF, Sarah Murdoch was the first to sign the pledge to Act Pink for Research.

We are calling on the community to pledge what they will do to help reach our goal. There are a whole range of actions that individuals, organisations and researchers can take to Act Pink for Research.

“Since I first became involved with the Foundation in 1997, I have seen how research can make a huge impact on eliminating breast cancer related deaths. Although these significant results announced today are encouraging, I urge everyone to make a pledge and continue to make a real difference to those affected by breast cancer,” Ms Murdoch said.

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