Helen, QLD – Together we can make a difference!

January 30th, 2014

I am sharing my story as I watch the cricket on January 5, 2014. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2005, almost nine years ago now.

Mother’s Day for me will always be a reminder to celebrate the anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis. I was a single mother with two school-aged children, a wonderfully supportive family and a great bunch of girlfriends.

Fortunately after two operations at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane (the second to have my breast removed), six cycles of chemotherapy and twenty-five radiation treatments, life continues.

Since 2005 my daughter, sister and sister in law have participated in the International Women’s Fun Run/Walk in Brisbane and the family walks the Sunshine Coast Walk for Breast Cancer, both raising awareness and valuable funds.

I remarried in 2008 to a loving man and at the end of 2013; I retired from a teaching career of 36 years. It is now time to stop and smell the roses. I now have about a dozen potted roses near my backdoor which are enjoyed daily. I have created something living, beautiful and low maintenance.

I imagine that my mind is like a garden. I tend it well by filling it with positive and encouraging thoughts.

My garden has been very important over the 33 years that I have lived in this house. We have celebrated many milestones including my children’s birthdays, my mother’s 80th birthday and my second wedding ceremony.

The garden was the beautiful backdrop surrounded by my family and friends. I was not going to pass up my chance of living happily ever after even after a diagnosis of breast cancer, so I seized the day.

Carpe diem. Together we can make a difference!