Michelle, QLD – Life is great regardless of its ups and downs

January 30th, 2014

My husband found a lump in my left breast in April 2013. When I felt the lump, I felt four pea sized lumps. I went for a mammogram and then had a biopsy in June in which the lumps had grown considerably.

I was told in late June that the lumps were cancer. I had a mastectomy of my left breast on 11 July, and was told that I had two different types of cancer in my breast, both stage 2 cancer but luckily no cancer in the two-thirds of the auxiliary lymph nodes that were removed as well.

I met a lovely lady while waiting for my mastectomy that was waiting for a lumpectomy but later had to have a mastectomy as well. We both had the same breast surgeon and the same oncologist so we had our chemotherapy together. Later in November we both had our hysterectomies on the same day and we were in the same hospital room afterwards.

We have forged a friendship for life, being cancer free and a great friend has been the best thing that happened for 2013. The rest of the year sucked, but not once have I ever said why me. The power of positive thinking and having family stay positive around me helped my journey.

You just have to deal with what you’re dealt with and get on with it. Life is great regardless of its ups and downs.

Now I’m going to get a reconstruction October 2014… woohoo! Good luck and best wishes to everyone and stay positive and strong and you will conquer just about anything 🙂