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Research Priorities

NBCF’s vision is to fund research that will contribute to achieving the organisation’s aspirational goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

Applicants seeking funding are advised to consider the following research priorities in their applications.

  • Prevention and risk – Research that enhances understanding of the risk factors, including genetic and non-genetic, for developing breast cancer, so it can be prevented and ultimately eradicated.
  • Early detection – NBCF believes research into more effective early detection will be key to achieving zero death by breast cancer by 2030 – this could be from more advanced technology, better understanding of breast tissue density, or determining effective bio markers.
  • Personalising treatment – More research into the complex biology and sub-types of breast cancer to ensure more effective, targeted treatment options for individual women and men.
  • Advanced (metastatic) disease – This is the main cause of breast cancer death. To reach our goal, more research is needed to understand how to treat and stop the spread of breast cancer.
  • Translational research – Projects that are able to deliver real, tangible benefits to people living with breast cancer; those that can be implemented into clinical practice or other services to help prevent breast cancer or improve care.

Particular consideration will be given to projects that are innovative, non-duplicative of other efforts, improve access to data, and have the potential for national application.