Yvonne Speakers Bureau

July 31st, 2012

“I have been involved with the NBCF Speakers Bureau for the last five years. During that time I also joined NBCF’s Register4 which is an online community for anyone over 18 years of age who wants to participate in breast cancer research.

Having retired from my “day” job, I am thoroughly committed to promoting NBCF in their goal of finding a cure for breast cancer. I am doing this by conducting talks and presentations about Register4 to community groups and organisations, sporting clubs, service clubs and all other community organisations throughout Australia.

The opportunities to become part of and participate in research to find a cure for breast cancer are endless. Research into the causes of breast cancer has already come a long way but it is still not far enough.

So much more needs to be done. We need everyone over 18, both women and men, to join Register4 and help to find that cure, sooner than later! So join today! ”