The Voice of NBCF Award

June 19th, 2015

Presented to Speakers: Mike Leddin, Mark Wood, Dawn Leicester and Jenny Ellis

Presented to Trainers: Chris Morsley and Amanda Maltabarow

This group of wonderful Speakers includes two who have lost their loved ones to breast cancer, and two who have come face to face with breast cancer themselves. Mike joined the Bureau from Vic to enable his mother’s courage and passion to live on.Mark’s wife was a member of the Bureau until she died. Since then, Mark has spoken both for her and for himself as a carer in Qld. Dawn has given over 100 talks to a wide range of audiences for NBCF in Vic. Jennie is our longest serving Speaker in WA.

This group also includes the two wonderful trainers who prepare the Speakers pro bono for their vital role in the community. Chris has been helping Speakers find their voice through personal storytelling skills for over eight years. Amanda was originally trained by Chris, and then joined him to empower others.