NBCF welcomes BONDS’ commitment to research

October 14th, 2013

NBCF is delighted that Bonds has renewed its partnership with the Foundation to raise vital dollars to fund more research into the early detection of breast cancer. Early detection is known to be key to survival.

The partnership between Bonds and NBCF goes back to 2007 with the company raising more than $500,000 for breast cancer research through the sale of Pink Ribbon products.

NBCF CEO, Carole Renouf, states: “As the Foundation receives no government funding, we can only achieve our goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030 through corporate and community support for research”.

‘When NBCF was established in 1994, 30% of women diagnosed with breast cancer lost their lives. Today that percentage has halved through advances in research and early detection in which Australia’s excellent free government breast screening program has played a large part,” she said.

“At NBCF, we believe the health of the whole woman is important so we fund research across the spectrum of breast cancer – from understanding the fundamental basis of the disease to psychosocial research aimed at improving quality of life for those people living with a breast cancer diagnosis and their families.”

In keeping with the direction of the new BONDS campaign, Ms Renouf said NBCF was currently funding important research aimed at improving early detection of breast cancer. This includes a team from the University of Queensland who are using nanotechnology to develop a blood test for this purpose.