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Become a speaker

We have so many wonderful speakers active in our Speakers Network across the country. Follow us on Facebook to find out when training is scheduled in your area.

About you

If you have been affected by breast cancer – either directly, or through a family member or close friend – and would like to share your story with others, please enquire about joining the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Speakers Network. We are looking for people who are comfortable speaking at community events about their experience with breast cancer and are open to developing and improving their public speaking skills.

What is involved


Being a speaker is a voluntary role. All new speakers attend a mandatory professional training workshop organised by NBCF and our volunteer speaker trainers. The full day training session covers everything from storytelling and presentation skills to describing a special or unforgettable moment to capture your audience. Once trained, you will be contacted to share your breast cancer journey at community or corporate fundraising events (depending on location, event volume and of course, your availability). These events can include Pink Ribbon Breakfasts, fashion and sporting events, big corporate functions, dinners, gala balls or race days.

Media and marketing opportunities

We often ask speakers if they are comfortable sharing their stories in media interviews, which are featured in print, online or on TV or radio.  These media articles help to connect our latest research achievements or campaign with real stories, which are the true face of our cause.

Other opportunities include featuring in our marketing materials, such as our quarterly donation appeals, brochures, our Annual Report, or other NBCF publications.

Your impact

By sharing personal experiences, representatives inspire the public with their heartwarming and real accounts of their breast cancer journey. A human face and first-hand experience can be powerful tools to move audiences by:

  • Helping the community understand and recognise the role of research in stopping deaths from breast cancer
  • Highlighting that breast cancer is not just an older woman’s disease- young women and men can be diagnosed too
  • Encouraging donations to help NBCF work towards our goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030

How to take part


“I felt very happy with the way my speech went. Many people came up to me afterwards and told me they enjoyed it, and how moved they were by my story. Some also opened up about their own experiences, or those of the people close to them, which I didn’t really expect. The event was organised by the Student Council and they are keen to make it an annual event and are also interested in doing something in October during international breast cancer awareness month! We really enjoyed the night and I found it very rewarding. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity.” – Liz, Speaker

‘’Just wanted to say how much it meant to have Tracey speak with our Team and share her very emotional journey yesterday. There probably wasn’t a dry eye anywhere in the room.  It was a real reminder for our team, the very reason that we need to be right behind NBCF as our preferred charity. Tracey is so incredibly brave, I cannot begin to know how she must be really feeling. Sincere Thank you to Tracey, she really was inspiring to us all on so very many levels. ‘’ – Kellie, Event Organiser