PARA’KITO™ provides all-natural, long lasting protection against mosquitoes. PARA’KITO™ is available in a collection of fashionable bands or clips. A polymer pellet which is infused with essential oils is inserted into the band or clip.  Each pack comes with two pellets, with each pellet offering 24 hour protection for 15 days. PARA’KITO™ is waterproof and safe for all ages.


PARA’KITO™ is a natural fit with the NBCF. Many patients who have undergone surgery become very sensitive to chemicals and man-made fibres. It is therefore recommended that they limit the use of chemicals on their body. PARA’KITO™ offers a natural option that prevents skin contact and still protects from mosquitoes that may carry harmful diseases, making PARA’KITO™ very beneficial for post condition treatment.

RRP -$29.95