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Ocean Spray is farmer-cooperative of 700 cranberry farmers – which means 100% profits go back to the farmers. Our farmers take great care when harvesting cranberries, which are naturally high in polyphenol antioxidants.

We recently discovered that some cranberries, depending on the amount of sun exposure and air temperature, remain a beautiful PINK color. Discussions with many of our farmers about these beautiful pink berries led to the discovery that breast cancer had touched many in our Ocean Spray family. So, it was a natural fit for our Ocean Spray family farmers, with the launch of OCEAN SPRAY® PINK CRANBERRY fruit drinks, to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia.

10-cents from every specially-marked bottle of Ocean Spray® Pink and Pink Low Sugar sold in Australia will be donated to the NBCF of Australia help fund breast cancer research. Something our farmers feel very passionate about.

Ocean Spray® Pink Low Sugar Cranberry fruit drink is light & refreshing, no added sugar and no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, less than 1g sugar, and only 9 calories per serve.

Click here to learn more about Ocean Spray® Pink & Pink Low Sugar Cranberry, which are available at your local grocer.


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