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The Boehm collection is affordable luxury for every woman. Sensuous fabrics like soft velvet, lace, and mesh glide over your skin light as air, while eye-catching strap detailing and elegant clasps take lingerie collection to new heights.

The Australian Intimates label was created by Tessa Boehm & was dedicated to her deceased mother – who passed away from Breast Cancer in 2012 she, was an incredibly strong woman who fought for 5 years with the cancer. In her final days she made it clear how important it is to follow your dreams and how short life can be. So to go and achieve everything you want to achieve without holding back. The Intimates label has been a dream of Tessa’s since she was 12yrs old so in remembrance of mum’s words she launched Boehm Intimates on her mother’s birthday 05th May 2017 using the last name as the brand name.

Purchases are Powering ZeroBy2030