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Dr Normand Pouliot’s contribution to breast cancer research

April 10th, 2017

If doctors could predict which women being treated for breast cancer will have their disease re-emerge later in life, anxiety levels would go down, quality of life would go up and their lives would be much longer.

This is the focus of research being conducted by Dr Normand Pouliot from the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute who is investigating ways to predict who will develop metastatic breast cancer.

With most deaths from breast cancer being at the metastatic stage of the disease, his research is important and could make a real difference to the one in eight women diagnosed each day.

Making a difference

breast cancer research
NBCF-funded Dr Normand Pouliot is investigating metastatic breast cancer

He’s often asked “Are we close to cure?” and “Are there any major breakthroughs?”

“I am determined to one day retire with the knowledge that I have made a meaningful contribution to this world,” says Dr Pouliot whose mother-in-law and a close friend have both been affected by breast cancer.

Dr Pouliot is also funded by NBCF on a project to prevent or treat breast cancer when it has spread to the brain, where the ‘blood-brain’ barrier makes it exceptionally difficult to treat.

He says, “Without research, it is unlikely that any significant improvement on breast cancer treatment will be achieved, and funding from the public has become absolutely essential for successful research.”