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National Strategy

The key elements of the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s National Strategy are fostering collaboration, enhancing capacity and increasing knowledge about breast cancer. Through funding the very best breast cancer research in Australia, NBCF will move towards its aspirational goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

Breast cancer directly and indirectly impacts thousands of Australian women, men, their families and friends. Improved detection and more effective treatments have seen breast cancer survival rates significantly improve over the last two decades. Despite these encouraging results, a continued and concerted research effort is needed to improve the quality of life for those living with breast cancer, as well as moving towards breast cancer prevention and ultimately, a cure.

By supporting passionate people, brilliant ideas, enduring resources and empowering collaboration, NBCF aims to deliver funding to high quality breast cancer research projects right across the spectrum – from understanding the fundamental basis of the disease, to psychosocial research aimed at improving the quality of life for survivors, their family and friends.

A National Action Plan for breast cancer research

NBCF’s National Action Plan for Breast Cancer Research was originally developed in 2004 after extensive consultation with expert advisory committee, research communities and other stakeholders. Outlining several actions that would accelerate efforts to answer the key questions about breast cancer, NBCF have acted on the recommendations by introducing, for example, the Novel Concept Awards and the National Collaborative Breast Cancer Research Grant Program.

In 2010, NBCF published a revised National Action Plan, listing 12 priority areas, which, if realistically resourced, would have a significant impact on our understanding of the causes of breast cancer, leading to strategies for the prevention, improved detection and treatment of breast cancer.

The National Action Plan provides a comprehensive and challenging framework for concerted action against breast cancer.

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