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Novel Therapies

While anti-hormone drugs, such as tamoxifen, have had a major impact on improving survival rates for those living with breast cancer, they are only effective for patients with hormone-responsive (oestrogen-receptor positive) disease. Treatment options for some other types of breast cancer, like triple-negative breast cancer or those with advanced disease, are more limited.

In addition to finding treatment options for these harder-to-treat breast cancers, some of the other major clinical challenges include trying to find ways to reduce the side effects of treatments that can often severely impact the quality of life of people with breast cancer.

Novel therapy research we fund investigates:

  • Testing new drug combinations to treat breast cancer
  • Developing new therapies for advanced breast cancer and improving the targeting of chemotherapy to cancer cells to reduce side effects
  • Developing technology that enables less-invasive monitoring and earlier detection of returning breast cancer.