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Young Women

Breast cancer isn’t just an older woman’s disease; 800 women under 40 years old are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and it has a disproportionate impact on their busy lives. There are a number of key issues specifically relating to breast cancer in younger women, including the risks associated with breast cancer and pregnancy, the impact of treatment on fertility and early menopause, psychological concerns about the effects of treatment on a woman’s sexuality and intimacy, and fear of the disease recurring.

Young women also have a greater risk of developing triple-negative breast cancer – an aggressive sub-type of the disease, which currently has limited treatment options.

Young women and breast cancer research we fund investigates:

  • Identifying and characterising the genes and pathways that are involved in the development of triple-negative breast cancer
  • Developing new treatment approaches for women with this form of the disease
  • Managing breast cancer more effectively during pregnancy