Alignment of Australian breast and ovarian bioresources, to enhance research and improve outcomes for breast and ovarian cancer

Start Year: 2012
Finish Year: 2012
Chief Investigator: Professor Christine Clarke
Grant Type: Other
Institution: University of Sydney

Think Tank

Over the past decade, Australian researchers have responded to the limited availability of high-quality breast tissue and blood specimens, together with robust clinical data collected from breast cancer patients, by establishing a number of bioresources, including the Australian Breast Cancer Tissue Bank, the Brisbane Breast Bank, kConFab and the Australian Ovarian Cancer Study. NBCF has established the online register, Register4, as an online community and research resource. To date, these resources operate autonomously.

Professor Clarke proposes to explore whether alignment of the ABCTB, BBB, kConFab, Register4 and AOCS is possible. This has the potential to enhance genetic and tumour biological research and the development of novel clinical trials.

Professor Clarke also proposes to use the strength of co-operative action between these resources to identify synergies between them. This could increase effectiveness and identify funding opportunities that will deliver long-term stability to these vital resources.