Breast Screen Reader Assessment Strategy (BREAST) – transforming the detection of breast cancer

Start Year: 2012
Finish Year: 2017
Chief Investigator: Professor Patrick Brennan
Grant Type: Infrastructure Grant
Institution: University of Sydney

Infrastructure Grant

High-quality imaging and accurate image assessment are critical to the early diagnoses, treatment and management of women with cancer. BREAST will provide a platform, accessible by researchers and clinicians worldwide, which will contain image data bases, associated reports, algorithms to assess reader performance and on-line systems for image revolution. The platform will revolutionise breast imaging in Australia and internationally by reducing errors in mammography and transforming our assessment of novel technologies and techniques.

Mammography is the primary diagnostic tool for detecting breast cancer with 800,000 women X-rayed annually in Australia. However, mammography fails to detect 30% of breast cancers, with many missed cancers being visible on the image. BREAST will monitor mistakes, identify reasons for mammographic errors and creat innovative solutions to reduce errors.

The BREAST platform will also enable expert assessment of breast imaging innovations, regardless of geographical location. Currently, innovations are being assessed by limiting numbers of individuals who are geographically located near the innovation, resulting in equivocal studies with low statistical power. BREAST will transform this current paradigm by enabling large numbers of experts to assess new methods or technology using out embedded evaluation methods. This world-first system will tranform the futujre of breast imaging.