Ginkgo biloba preserves cognitive function in women treated with adjuvant chemotherapy for early breast cancer

Start Year: 2012
Finish Year: 2015
Chief Investigator: Associate Professor Janette Vardy
Grant Type: Cancer Australia Priority Driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme(PdCCRS)
Institution: University of Sydney

Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme (PdCCRS)

Most women who have chemotherapy become tired. Some patients complain of memory and concentration problems. Research has found a subset of women who have subtle cognitive impairment that can disturb the return to a normal life and there are no known treatments.

Ginkgo biloba has been shown to improve cognition in healthy, younger, volunteers and also improve cognition and mood, without side effects, in elderly people. Associate Professor Vardy and Dr Dhillon hope to determine how ginkgo interacts with chemotherapy and its effect on cognitive impairment and fatigue.

This project is co-funded by NBCF, beyondblue and Cancer Australia.