Incidence and risk factors for lymphoedema secondary to breast cancer: a prospective cohort study

Start Year: 2009
Finish Year: 2012
Chief Investigator: Professor Sharon Kilbreath
Grant Type: Cancer Australia Priority Driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme(PdCCRS)
Institution: University of Sydney

Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme (PdCCRS)

Alternative Title: Incidence and risk of lymphoedema

Lymphoedema can occur following treatment for breast cancer. It is a chronic condition that impacts on function and quality of life. Little is known about why some women develop it and others do not. A major barrier has been the lack of a sensitive, specific measure of lymphoedema, relying instead on indirect measures.

Professor Kilbreath has undertaken a large prospective cohort study to directly measure lymphoedema.

This research is co-funded by NBCF and Cancer Australia.