Killing breast cancer cells by learning how they avoid death

Start Year: 2013
Finish Year: 2017
Chief Investigator: Dr Samantha Oakes
Grant Type: Early Career Fellowship
Institution: Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Early Career Fellowship

To survive, grow and invade the body, all breast cancer cells must learn how to avoid cell death. We have little understanding of why proteins that promote cell death fail to respond during breast cancer treatment. This research will increase understanding of how pro-death proteins operate in the normal breast and, more importantly, how they can be activated during treatment of aggressive breast cancer.

Using lessons learnt from the treatment of cancers in other tissues, we will search for new and improved therapies that kill breast cancer cells while limiting toxicity to normal tissues.

The successful outcome of this fellowship will result in the discovery of new ways to kill breast cancers that, with further clinical development, will result in improved patient outcomes.