Lifepool is a powerful and unique resource that will facilitate the development and validation of new ideas for treatment and early detection of breast cancer

Start Year: 2015
Finish Year: 2019
Chief Investigator: Prof Ian Campbell
Grant Type: Infrastructure Grant
Institution: University of Melbourne

This request for infrastructure support will enable lifepool to maintain operation and expand to recruit women from other states in Australia. The national lifepool cohort will provide data and biospecimens to enable laboratory based, clinical and psychosocial research into better understanding breast cancer. A key strength of lifepool is the capacity to support research aimed at understanding breast cancer risk factors; in particular through supporting research which gathers an evidence base for design of breast cancer screening strategies tailored to personal risk factors. Lifepool can provide DNA and tumour samples with extensive clinical and outcome information in a group of women gathered from across the Australian population. Lifepool engages with women across the spectrum of breast cancer risk: Those who have not been diagnosed and are at ‘population’ risk, women recently diagnosed through the BreastScreen program and women from high risk families with and without a breast cancer diagnosis. Close collaboration across medical research institutes, breast cancer clinicians, BreastScreen services, epidemiologists and other experts in public health as well as active and committed representation from breast cancer advocacy groups has produced a resource of enormous potential in the shared aim of reducing the burden on breast cancer on the community.