Moving breast cancer research into the clinic: Improving patient care through innovative diagnostics

Start Year: 2013
Finish Year: 2018
Chief Investigator: Professor Matt Trau
Grant Type: Collaborative Grants
Institution: The University of Queensland

Early detection and personalised treatment is one of the greatest weapons against breast cancer. Survival and remission rates for breast cancer patients are significantly increased when the disease is caught early.

If the disease is caught at a later stage, the major clinical question is which chemotherapy (if any) should be used to treat the type of breast cancer.

This major new research program hopes to significantly improve breast cancer survival by developing personalised treatments based on the epigenetic code of a patient’s breast tumour.

The research program is a collaboration of Australia’s leaders in genetics, cancer treatment, nanotechnology and pathology, which has already made major discoveries about the genetic markers of breast cancer and has developed new technologies to easily and quickly map those markers.

The new program will take the genetic discoveries and technology out of the lab and into clinical practice, where they will be tested to develop real benefits for breast cancer patients, ie personalised treatment. There is also the potential to achieve the “holy grail” of breast cancer research – a blood test to find breast cancer early.