New approaches to shared care for follow-up after treatment for women with early breast cancer (Phase I)

Start Year: 2009
Finish Year: 2009
Chief Investigator: National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre
Grant Type: Translational Grant
Institution: National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre

National Translational Research Grants Program

Evidence is emerging internationally for new models of follow-up with care shared between specialists and primary care practitioners. Follow-up care outside of the specialist setting remains unexplored within Australia. A three phase project will develop, implement and evaluate an adaptable model of care based on the principles of shared care that integrates oncology with primary care follow-up for early breast cancer.

Phase I will investigate the process and impact of the provision of shared follow-up care. A review of the evidence will be conducted to investigate shared care models in other health conditions, such as diabetes, maternity, palliative care and mental health, which may have applicability to breast cancer. In particular the project will: Investigate and document the process and impact of the provision of follow-up care utilising models of shared-care which have applicability to breast cancer; and identify and document potential approaches (models) to shared care in the follow-up of women who have completed their treatment for early breast cancer. The models will allow adaptable delivery across a variety of geographical and health service settings for women with breast cancer in Australia.

Phase II will investigate the costs and acceptability, feasibility and impact on local patterns of care of this approach at four demonstration sites. Phase III will provide an analysis of policy and funding implications and make recommendations to government for share care follow up.