New gene for BRCA1-like early-onset breast cancer

Start Year: 2008
Finish Year: 2009
Chief Investigator: Associate Professor Melissa Southey
Grant Type: Project Grants
Institution: University of Melbourne

Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme (PdCCRS)

Alternative Title: A search for a gene that when mutated predisposes to a very specific type of breast cancer

Associate Professor Southey has identified a very specific group of families with cases of early-onset breast cancer that are of a very rare and distinct type. These breast cancers look very much like cancers that arise in BRCA1 germline mutation carriers (are BRCA-1 like) but are not due to mutations in BRCA1.

Associate Professor Southey has characterised and collected families from national and international breast cancer studies in order to identify the gene responsible for this specific breast cancer syndrome.

This research is co-funded by NBCF and Cancer Australia.