Developing a National Breast Cancer Database for Research and Service Delivery

Start Year: 2017
Finish Year: 2020
Chief Investigator: Professor David Roder
Institution: University of South Australia

This year breast cancer became the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. Although it has one of the highest survival rates, thanks largely to research, 10 per cent of those diagnosed with breast cancer still die from the disease within five years. NBCF has commissioned an Australian-first research project to better understand and predict who makes up that 10 per cent.

David Roder
Professor David Roder

Professor David Roder, Chair of Cancer Epidemiology and Population Health at the University of Adelaide will undertake a project that will provide valuable information on pockets of risk among the breast cancer population.

This information will allow a substantial leap forward in understanding which women have worse health outcomes compared to others, the detailed reasons for the disparity and what that means for the women affected. NBCF will use the information to make data-driven decisions in setting research priority areas for breast cancer research funding. It will also provide a platform for NBCF to advocate changes in public health policy and service delivery that could help close the gap and stop deaths from breast cancer.