Discovering a new path to treat advanced breast cancer

Start Year: 2018
Finish Year: 2020
Chief Investigator: Dr Philip Gregory
Institution: University of South Australia

Certain types of breast cancer, such as triple negative breast cancer, are far more likely to spread (metastasise) through the body, leading to poor long-term outcomes.

NBCF-funded Dr Philip Gregory has identified a specific molecule called miR-342, which potentially blocks triple negative breast cancer growth and metastasis. Importantly, this molecule predicts whether a patient is likely to develop metastasis and ultimately survive.

Research by Dr Gregory indicates this molecule acts by suppressing many different metastasis promoting pathways at the same time. The aim of this project is to identify these pathways and test their ability to block metastasis in mouse models. It is hoped that this knowledge can be applied to optimise treatments for patients with triple negative breast cancer and improve their chances of survival.