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Sampling Partner

Sampling partnerships provide a broad opportunity for companies and brands to access a large range of consumers at many of our own and/or our partner’s events. These events are held all over Australia and although they range in scale, theme, number of participants, and costs involved to participate, they are all held for one purpose – to raise funds for breast cancer research.

Please note that there is a minimum level of commitment for this type partnership.

  • NBCF may publicly acknowledge its corporate partners, but because of our non-profit status, we cannot sell, distribute or advertise our partners’ products or services.
  • NBCF cannot agree to sell, loan or distribute its mailing list or e-mail addresses to third parties.
  • NBCF is unable to secure celebrities for promotional purposes.

Interested in becoming a partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation?
Complete the application here or contact corporatepartners@nbcf.org.au or 02 8098 4800 to find out more.