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Prevention and Risk

A greater understanding of the risk factors for developing breast cancer will be key to preventing, and ultimately eradicating the disease.

Lifestyle factors, such as smoking, alcohol intake and lack of exercise are known to increase the risk of breast cancer and can be modified to help reduce the chances of getting the disease. However, while other major risk factors – such as being a woman, getting older, and having a family history of the disease – are essentially unchangeable, they do tell us important information about what might cause breast cancer, and provide clues as to who is most at risk and how we might prevent it occurring.

Prevention research we fund investigates:

  • Prevention through better knowledge about lifestyle factors such as exercise, stress and diet; understanding of risk to enable targeted strategies; testing new and existing treatments
  • Gaining a better understanding of the genetic and nongenetic factors that affect breast cancer, to enable better surveillance, detection and treatment of those at high risk of developing the disease.