Reducing the burden of breast cancer for Australian women and their families

Start Year: 2013
Finish Year: 2016
Chief Investigator: Associate Professor Kelly-Anne Phillips
Grant Type: Practitioner Fellowship
Institution: University of Melbourne

Practitioner Fellowship

This research uses data from large international studies to improve our understanding of the genetic and non-genetic factors that affect breast cancer risk. This will enhance our ability to predict risk for an individual woman, and to understand which interventions might best reduce that risk.

A web-based breast cancer risk assessment and decision aid tool will be developed and tested so that the findings of the research can be translated into clinical practice. This tool will help GPs, breast surgeons and other clinicians to accurately assess and effectively manage breast cancer risk using a shared decision-making approach with their patients.

The ultimate goal of this research is to implement routine, accurate breast cancer risk prediction and risk management across the Australian community, thereby reducing the burden of this disease.