Role of parathyroid hormone-related protein in DNA repair and breast cancer susceptibility to TRAI-mediated apoptosis

Start Year: 2008
Finish Year: 2010
Chief Investigator: Professor Matthew Gillespie
Grant Type: Project Grants
Institution: Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research

Alternative Title: How breast cancers can avoid death

This project aims to investigate a protein (parathyroid hormone-related protein-PTHrP) that is expressed by breast cancers to influence cell growth and spread to bone.

In this examination of clinical samples of breast cancer, Professor Gillespie has determined that PTHrP expression in the primary cancer confers a more favourable patient outcome, but when expressed by a breast cancer cell in bone, PTHrP contributes to the bone destruction. Professor Gillespie aims to define how PTHrP has these apparently different roles.