The effect of adjuvant chemotherapy on cognitive functioning in early breast cancer

Start Year: 2006
Finish Year: 2009
Chief Investigator: Dr Geoffrey Beadle
Grant Type: Project Grants
Institution: Wesley Research Institute

Alternative Title: The effect of chemotherapy on memory, concentration and mental agility in women with breast cancer who are treated with adjuvant chemotherapy

Breast cancer is a major public health problem. In 2006, more than 11,000 women in Australia will be diagnosed with breast cancer and there will be more than 100,000 survivors. Survivorship issues for cancer patients are now a focus of public and research policy.

Recent reports of cognitive functioning (e.g. planning, attention, memory) before and after completion of adjuvant chemotherapy and in follow-up assessments at six months and 18 months post-chemotherapy will be examined. Dr Beadle will also examine relationships between responses on self-report.