The identification of genes important for lymphangiogenesis during mammary gland morphogenesis

Start Year: 2006
Finish Year: 2008
Chief Investigator: Dr Natasha Harvey
Grant Type: Career Development Fellowship
Institution: Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science

Pilot Study Grant

Lymphatic vessels are a critical transport route exploited by metastasising tumour cells. Stimulation of lymphatic vascular growth is one mechanism used by breast tumour cells to access this critical vascular network. Very little is currently understood regarding the identity of signals that regulate the growth and regression of lymphatic vessels, a process that occurs in a tightly regulated fashion during normal breast development.

Dr Harvey aims to identify genes that regulate lymphatic vascular development in the breast, in order to understand how they are deregulated during tumour metastasis and to facilitate the design of new therapeutics to prevent breast cancer metastasis.