The identification of genes important for lymphatic vascular remodelling during mammary gland development

Start Year: 2008
Finish Year: 2011
Chief Investigator: Ms Kelly Betterman
Grant Type: Fellowships
Institution: University of Adelaide

Doctoral Research Scholarship

Alternative Title: Understanding genes important for the growth and remodelling of lymphatic vessels in the mammary gland

This study looked at identifying genes important for lymphatic vascular remodelling during mammary gland development. Lymphatic vessels are a critical route of transport for tumour cell metastasis. The stimulation of lymphatic vascular growth is one mechanism used by breast tumours to access the lymphatic vascular network and thereby spread to distant sites.

Very little is currently understood regarding the identity of signals that regulate the growth, development and regression of the lymphatic vasculature, processes that normally occur in a highly regulated fashion during breast development.

This project aimed to identify genes that control lymphatic vascular development in the breast, in order to understand how they are deregulated to facilitate tumour metastasis. Ms Kelly Betterman also aimed to identify targets for the design of new therapeutics that will benefit breast cancer patients by preventing breast cancer metastasis.