The use and impact of high-cost targeted cancer medicines: theory and reality

Start Year: 2013
Finish Year: 2017
Chief Investigator: Associate Professor Sallie-Anne Pearson
Grant Type: Cancer Australia Priority Driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme(PdCCRS)
Institution: University of Sydney

The new targeted cancer agents are a major medical advance, but they come with a high price tag.

Importantly, these medicines are not always used in everyday clinical practice the same way they are used in clinical trials. This project will provide critical evidence about real-world resource use and long-term outcomes of high-cost targeted cancer therapies.

We will use routinely collected health care data to examine the use of cancer medicines and medical services, and the effectiveness and costs of targeted medicines outside clinical trial conditions. Currently these comprehensive data are not readily available to policy agencies to support decisions about what medicines should be subsidised.

Co-funded by NBCF and Cancer Australia.