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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out more about NBCF’s volunteering policies and procedures?
NBCF volunteer policies and procedures are available in print by request or available to view here.

Do you offer evening and/or weekend opportunities?
Yes, as it relates to the volunteer opportunity.

As a student, can I fulfil my service learning hours through your programs?
Yes, there are many ways a student can contribute to the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s community based services. Specific opportunities can be negotiated when they become available.

Are there opportunities for community-based groups, workplace groups or families to volunteer?
Yes. NBCF will work with groups and families and welcomes the opportunity to co-create meaningful volunteer experiences as they become available.

What time commitment is required?
Time commitments will vary according to the volunteer experience and the training required. Some opportunities may be short-term, such as a special event, while others are regarded as sustaining the organisation’s programs and services.

Can I volunteer for more than one opportunity at a time?
Yes, of course you can as long as you do not exceed the maximum 16 hours a week.

I heard you want us to document our hours, why do you need to record volunteer hours?
It is very important that NBCF knows how much time volunteers spend volunteering, because the data helps to tell the true story of volunteer work and the number of service hours they contribute. Furthermore, the data is used for recognition of service events, reporting volunteer activities, insurance claims and emergency security purposes.

Can I volunteer full-time?
There is no general regulation pertaining to all volunteers and the numbers of hours they work. However, at NBCF we have implemented a 16 hour guideline, which allows our volunteers to volunteer their time up to 16 hours per week.

Will I need to complete an application form to become an NBCF volunteer?
Yes, there is a straightforward application form for all levels of volunteering. Please click here to fill in the application form.

Do I need particular skills to be a NBCF volunteer?
There are no specific skills needed. NBCF volunteer roles are so diverse – you will find skills required differ from case to case.

Can I volunteer with my family or friends?
Definitely, we really encourage this. Event volunteering quite often involves groups – so the more friends and family that join, the merrier. All they need to do is click here to fill in the application form or email volunteer@nbcf.org.au for a role they are interested in.

What age restrictions are there to volunteer for NBCF?
If you are 12 or older (up to the age of 80) you are eligible to volunteer for NBCF.
If you are 15 or younger, a parent or legal guardian needs to supervise you.
And if you are 16 or 17, you need to provide written consent from a parent or guardian. There may be times the event has specific requests, eg 18 years or older. These requirements will be outlined in each ‘Call to action’.

I have expressed my interest to volunteer for an event. What happens next?
If you have expressed your interest in a particular event, you will receive confirmation of acceptance. Before the event, all event volunteers will be given an event brief which includes information on the event and the duties and responsibilities.
If you have expressed your interest in volunteering for any events in the near future you will be sent a “Call To Action”, which will be emailed to you whenever volunteers are needed in your area.

I would like to volunteer my services either pro-bono or using my highly specialised skills, what do I need to do?
Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@nbcf.org.au. Once a project has been determined by NBCF, the skilled volunteer will work with staff to support our programs and assist the day-to-day functioning of NBCF. Availability of positions depends on current volunteer levels and requirements at NBCF. All in-office volunteers will receive a general orientation of the office, and also provided sufficient training on the functions and requirements of the position for which they will be volunteering.