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Amanda was just 13 years old when her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following chemotherapy, radiation therapy and a mastectomy  (and nearly five years in remission), the cancer returned. The primary breast cancer spread to her brain and Amanda’s mum sadly passed away 28 days after Amanda’s 18th birthday. Amanda shares her mother’s story and the impact it has had on her family in the hope of making a difference through research. 

Dearest Amanda,

Amanda with her mum, who passed away from breast cancer

I can’t believe it has been almost 20 years since our beautiful mum lost her life to breast cancer. I know, that’s 20 years of missed memories. She’s missed us graduate from school and university. She’s missed us meet and marry the man of our dreams. She’s also missed babies, birthdays and all those special moments in-between.

In 2010 when our world came crashing down, women lost their lives to breast cancer each and every day. We didn’t realise it but there were other families feeling the same pain as us. They too were dealing with a loved one being taken too soon – so unfair.

Fast forward to 2030 and I’m happy to say that there are now zero deaths from breast cancer. Yes, zero! Over the last two decades, the National Breast Cancer has been investing in emerging research to stop breast cancer deaths. There is no chance our life will not be cut short. It means that our children will not have to grow up without a mum. Our children will not have to experience what we did.

Our future looks bright, girl! We will always miss mum, but we must stay focused, remain strong and continue to be our fabulous selves.

All my courageous love,  Amanda (from 2030) x